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29.620-   PL 100

YOu Transmit on 29.520 to the repeater.




Plan is to have MOBILE Remote Receiver from Time to time. Its TONE will Be 118.8  


Sorry if your old radio don’t have tone…     USE a PC SPEAKER to the mic while you talk…. or better use your smart Phone.   Hams are smart… solve your problem. “its the 21st centry” growup.

YES the duplexers are LARGE, there’s a way to get them smaller…. BUT the Q isn’t great in helical short cavity.

The dang 100kc spacing is HARD to get DUPLEXERS to WORK!!!    HIGH Q is better for that reason.

Smaller ones…  (helical, below guts…)                                                                                                                         Short Cavity measures…



So, the repeater runs about 100+ watts to Antenna. I get 140db + of isolation using only the 4 to 6 duplexer cavities (cans). 2 cavities are homebrew by Cliff H. and Larry WB4NKM. The Two I made are made from Duct work (fyi dont do it, lean training learning, I was doing). I plan on making more from other metals as time-budget premits. Only have just under 3db loss in the duplexer to RX freq, and the antenna is 5/8 wave Sirio 827 (they claim about 1.5 db gain or 3.65 dbi). Running 7/8″ hardline so minimal loss there on low band.  This makes the 10m receiver very happy and low noise.

Current Plans to add a new seperate antenna for vertical seperation.

The one in New York  KQ2H seems to be a major Alligator repeater their information is here.  It’s all good though use the tones for the repeater you want use. If there are repeaters not toned (some other people should know better,  click and read on tone), it may make it harder to use other repeaters and you may need more power to overcome the FM capture effect. I guess why the one in ny uses 1kw+ split to be nice to others. These are the same reasons 11 meters radio things we hams are “above” that  😉 wink . Also why this 10m ham band area is general and up band, know what your doing and ID, ID, ID so much you can get annoying then please stop ha… Someone will help you if we are around.


Local East Tenn Repeaters:

W4KEV 29.680-   CT-118.8  (Maryville -knoxville split site)

K4MFD 29.640-   CT-118.8 (? NC mtn – Viking mtn splite site)


other “corrdinated”.. ones …( paper repeaters? :  a short hand for it is filed for and approved by area group, but no real repeater exists, maybe yet or whatever never?… )

KE4VQM 29.680-    CT-146.2

WB4IXU 29.660-    C-mode?


Not Aware of any others that are Active, all the old logged repeaters are Off the air.

I cant seem to hit NONE of these myself from my QTH.   :-/  Good luck!


10m will suprise you. Grounding on Vechicals is important to the “counterpose” the whip.


Be patient, Learn, have fun,

Be courteous, Enjoy!

Donate if you want to see my repeater grow otherwise know I havent recived much in funds for this repeater.

Use the contact us.

paypal money to: …  if you care…

  • $20.00 from WA4ELW ,  First Donner

Build it they will come, hahaha BS. IDK IDC. Im a salefish learner.

PUR Boys Got PORR ways.

73. Really, Best Regards more love to you.

Enjoy 10m.